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In addition to our extensive line of
"Standard" milling cutters, LOVEJOY Tool Company is into "Specials".

Through the years, experience in
designing and making "Special"
milling cutters to match difficult and unique applications has made
LOVEJOY a leader in the "Specials" field.

Using our "Family of parts" in
conjunction with our CAD/CAM
system, we can quickly generate
"Special" prints in only a fraction of the time that it would take with the
old traditional tool design process.
We may already have designed a
"Special" tool to match your "Special" situation.

While many tool manufacturers
tend to shy away from "Special"
needs, at LOVEJOY "Specials"
represent a large portion of our
business. Contact us today, on our
TOLL FREE line 1-800-843-8376 and let us discuss your "Special" requirements.
LOVEJOY is the logical source for all your "Special" tooling needs.