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LOVEJOY Tool Company, Inc. Introduces our NEW Porting Tools!

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Springfield Vermont - August 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008 - LOVEJOY Tool Company, Inc. is pleased to introduce our new Design and Build Porting Tool Cutters.

Applications: Our indexable inserted porting tools are used for industry applications for machining hydraulic manifolds, cylinders, air conditioning, power steering units, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps and hydrostatic transmissions.

Special Information: Our new Indexable Inserted Porting Tools are designed and manufactured to replace the expensive grind style porting tools with LOVEJOY's more cost effective indexable insert style porting tools.

Products: LOVEJOY Tool Company, Inc. offers porting tools with multiple diameters combining multiple operations into one tool. LOVEJOY's specialty is the design and manufacture of custom tooling. Therefore we can design most porting configurations to meet your machining applications. We apply the appropriate rakes and edge preparations to meet the application and materials specifications required to obtain the desired result. Our indexable inserts are available in multiple grades, coatings and chip control geometries.

LOVEJOY Tool Company, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of custom and standard designed milling tools. LOVEJOY Tool Company, Inc. manufactures inserts and some accessories for the aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, mold and die, farming, industrial and medical industries. Over the years LOVEJOY has grown from the manufacture of turning tools to milling tools and now to the design and manufacture of custom tooling to meet your customer's application needs. Custom tooling is our specialty.

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