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LOVEJOY Tool Company, Inc. Introduces our NEW PCD Diamond Tooling!

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Springfield Vermont - February 20, 2008 to June 30, 2008 - LOVEJOY Tool Company, Inc. manufactures PCD Diamond tooling.

Applications: The trimming and shaping of Graphite, Carbon Fiber (CFRP), Polycarbonates, Thermoset, Thermoplastic, wood products and higher Silicon content Aluminums with brazed and indexable, standard and special PCD tipped end mills and face mills.

Special Information: The finish is maintained longer by extended tool life that surpasses standard carbide is these abrasive materials. Designs are configured to minimize delaminate or fraying.

Products: LOVEJOY Tool Company, Inc. offers multiple diameters most often, but not limited to, .250" to 1.000 diameters in center cut or non-center end mills, ball nose tools or counter sink's. Special forms are available.

LOVEJOY Tool Company, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of custom and standard designed milling tools. LOVEJOY Tool Company, Inc. manufactures inserts and some accessories for the aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, mold and die, farming, industrial and medical industries. LOVEJOY Tool Company, Inc. is known for being an innovator in the milling industry and we are here to help with your machining needs.

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